The Normal Heart


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HBO has long been known for the high quality of their original programming as well as of their original films. Often their films are based on historic events or people and many times bring attention to stories that had previously been somewhat ignored. (more…)

Welcome Back Kotter: The Complete Series


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As you often hear adults say nowadays, when we were kids we played outside all the time. That is true, we did, but we were also TV addicts just as much as kids today. I couldn’t get enough of my regular sitcoms growing up. (more…)


Septic Man


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One of my favorite horror flicks of the past decade was Bruce McDonald’s Pontypool. Written by Tony Burgess, it was an original variation on the timeless zombie/infected genre with stunningly good performances and endlessly quotable dialog. (more…)


The Walking Dead: The Complete Fourth Season


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The Walking Dead has continued to smash cable TV ratings records every single year since it first aired in 2010. It has gained a gigantic following and deservedly so. The show is full of fully fleshed out characters and a scenario that is discussed nowadays at many parties and get togethers: What would you do if the apocalypse came? (more…)


The Legend of Hell House


91JPuzTEaUL._SL1500_Horror has always been a favorite genre of mine, and haunted house movies in particular have a special place in my heart. While there are the greats like Poltergeist, The Amityville Horror, and The Shining, there are earlier classics that should not be overlooked like The Haunting, The Innocents, Burnt Offerings, and what I consider one of the all-time greats, The Legend of Hell House, which is out this week on glorious Blu-ray. (more…)

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