91QqxZHR5iL._AA1500_WWE Films have been doing pretty well for themselves in recent years. They started off just making action films for their WWE wrestlers to star in, but have since branched out into other genres as well. Last year’s The Day was probably their best film to date and starred no wrestlers. This month they release the third film in their Marine series which started with 2006’s The Marine starring John Cena.

This installment stars Mike “The Miz” Mizanin in the lead role of Sergeant Jake Carter, a career Marine who is coming home for a two week leave. As luck would have it, right when Carter gets home his sister Lilly (Ashley Bell) is taken by a group of political extremists led by Jonas Pope (Neal McDonough). When the FBI’s concern does not seem to involve getting Lilly back alive, Carter takes the situation into his own lethal hands.

I have to admit, when I popped The Marine 3: Homefront into the Blu-ray player, I was expecting to not like it very much. Maybe it had something to do with my disinterest in other WWE films, not that they were not good for what they are, but I have never been a wrestling fan, so the interest just wasn’t there. What surprised me very much with this film though was the charisma of Mike Mizanin in the role of Carter. He has a kind of Michael Biehn vibe to him and he seems to have a lot going for him on screen. The action scenes were pretty good, large scale gunfights and a good pace. Add to that the great supporting cast including the great Neal McDonough, the manic and always enjoyable Michael Eklund and Ashley Bell from The Last Exorcism and you really have a well-rounded cast that elevates the film to more than your average direct to video action flick. It still has some issues, but they mostly seem to stem from a lack of budget more than anything else.

The Blu-ray from FOX is pretty damn good looking for a smaller budget as well. Much of the film takes place in a small town and around a derelict Ferry and the detail not only in the surrounding summer countryside but also on the rusted out boat is excellent. Clarity and color are true and strong and the soundtrack is a good clear one if not terribly active in the rear channels. Overall this is a fun little action flick that surprised me with its cast and its wrestling star.


Available March 5, 2013 on Blu-ray and DVD.


Film: 3/6

Picture: 3.5/6

Sound: 3/6